Consumer Complaint Management System

Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission launches software to help them monitor the consumer satisfaction levels across all telecom service providers.


About Client

Our client is mandated to establish a communications and multimedia industry that is competitive, efficient, and increasingly self-regulating. They strive to promote access to communications and multimedia services and ensure consumers enjoy choice and a satisfactory level of services at affordable prices.


The Challenge

Telecom consumers can submit complaints to their respective service providers via various means such as email, phone, and online portals. Our client – the regulatory authority – had no central system where they could view the status of these complaints. They had to scan information across multiple systems to gather this raw data and then use a combination of Excel sheets and documents to arrive at meaningful conclusions.


The Solution

We developed a software system that consolidated complaints data from internal complaint management systems of telecom service providers. In addition, consumers could lodge and escalate complaints directly to the regulatory authority. The system provides a holistic view of the performance of the service providers with respect to complaint resolution.

The system implements various business rules to auto-escalate the complaints, and assign them to the internal departments at the regulator for further follow-up. Complaints are across service categories such as cellular, wireless, radio with thousands of sub-categories.


The Impact

The software we developed applies statistical analysis on the data to determine which areas need the most attention and helps our client drill down to the problematic cases. This enables our client to monitor telecom service quality levels nationwide.


Requirements Analysis

  • Domain knowledge acquisition
  • Highly extensive URS and brainstorming sessions with customer and GoodCore team
  • Identifying the needs, expectations, and goals of the product
  • Risk assessment

Design, Development & Technologies

  • Highly interactive front end using JQuery and Bootstrap
  • Highly secured architecture, design, and code implementation
  • MVC architecture 5.0
  • Completion of project under strict timelines
  • Complex reporting and integration with internal systems

Testing & Launch

  • White box and black box testing
  • Launch on staging and live environments
  • Post-launch testing and support

Technologies Used




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